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General wallcovering hanging instructions supplied by manufacturer. Please read these instructions carefully before hanging this wallcovering. The use of a professional decorator is recommended.

1. Inspect Each Roll

Before cutting and hanging the wallcovering, ensure that all rolls have the same batch number, are in good condition, with no variation in shade, and that no other faults are present. Please ensure that there are enough rolls to complete the job.

Do not assume that the wallcovering will come off the roll the correct way up. Always refer to the pattern book or check with your retailer.

Check a section of each roll for faults and/or shading before hanging. After two or three lengths have been installed please check again. If a fault is found, stop and contact the person responsible for the installation immediately (interior designer, architect or retailer).

Claims cannot be accepted for paper hung in excess of one roll where the defect is visible prior to hanging. No claims for hanging costs in excess of this will be accepted. This does not affect your statutory rights.

2. Preparation

  • Remove all existing wallcoverings including lining papers, and scrape powdery, flaky surfaces or loose paint prior to installation.
  • It is recommended that the walls are pre-lined with a good quality lining paper before installation.
  • Surfaces need to be clean, dry and even. Please pre-treat any mould with a propriety mould treatment.
  • New plaster or other absorbent surfaces should be allowed to dry out completely and be pretreated with surface size.
  • Painted surfaces will need to be roughened with sandpaper.

3. Hanging

Please use a ready mixed adhesive designed specifically for paste the wall products.

Measure 50cm (20″) out from a corner on a wall adjacent to a window wall and, using a plumb line draw a vertical line from ceiling to floor. This gives you a straight edge from which to align your first length of product.

Using a roller, apply a generous and even layer of paste to the wall where the first width of wallcovering will hang. Follow the paste manufacturers instructions for the paste quantity to be applied per roll or meter square. Ensure that the pasted area is slightly wider than the drop to be hung.

Hang directly from the roll. Slide in to position, aligning one edge of the wallcovering with the vertical plumb line. The other edge should overlap around the corner by approximately 20mm (3/4″).

Smooth down with a soft paper brush or soft clean cloth. Remove any air bubbles by smoothing them out from the centre to each edge.
Trim top and bottom using sharp scissors or a straight edge and craft knife.

Avoid adhesive contamination on the face of the wallcovering. Gently wipe away any surplus paste immediately with a damp soft cloth.
Ensure that you hang each length of wallcovering in the correct direction. Repeat with additional lengths matching the pattern as necessary.

This information has been supplied in good faith, but without guarantee. Site conditions are beyond our control. It is the responsibility of the
buyer to ensure that the environment is suitable for the wallcovering.